The State of DCIO Distribution: 2019

Key Benchmarks, Developing Trends, Winners and Outlook

Sway's twelfth annual in-depth study of DCIO distribution finds DCIO sales and marketing units adapting to a shifting landscape, where groups, such as third-party fiduciaries, investment score card providers, and distributor 3(38) modelers, are growing in influence, while the traditional wholesaling model remains crucial, but for how long? Based on surveys and interviews of DCIO sales leaders, DC plan intermediaries, and executives of mid-tier consultancies (i.e., Aggregators), The State of DCIO Distribution: 2019 provides key benchmarks and insights to help DCIO executives enhance the allocation of resources to maximize DCIO sales and asset growth. This year, much of the analysis is on the coverage of Aggregator firms and their product and service needs, including the growing demand for collective pricing. 

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The State of the Target-Date Market: 2018

Examining Asset Trends Across Providers, Products, Vehicles, Management Styles, and Glide Path Structures

Sway’s annual in-depth study of the Target-Date market is based on a proprietary database of mutual fund and collective trust Target-Date portfolio and asset data, which includes 133 different Target-Date series spread across nearly 5,700 individual mutual fund share classes and CITs. This data is harnessed to provide insights into shifts within the $1.73 trillion Target-Date market, including across products and providers, investment vehicles, underlying investments, management styles, glide paths, and so on. This is essential research for asset management executives involved in sales, marketing and/or product development.

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